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If boys are snips and snails and puppy dogs tails, what are little girls made of?


Learn how to be brave, daring, and free. Quick reads on:

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steps achieve goals

Most New Year’s Resolutions fail by mid-February. This 5-step process can help you succeed.


Relationship Red Flags

Love is blind, but lust knows it’s a bad idea and wants to do it anyway.

Inspiring Female Explorers

History is usually just the story of stuff men did.

3 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Mean Girls' Regina George

We can learn a lot from Regina George.

Relationship Red Flags

Some red flags have a bad reputation for a good reason.

Why White Women Love Donald Trump

White women continued their decades long love affair with the  Republican Party last November.

young men. declining labor force participation. unemployment.

It’s been a decade since the Great Recession and labor participation rates—people who are employed or actively seeking work—still hasn’t recovered among men under 55. 

testosterone, men, myth, aggression

Everything you know about testosterone is wrong.

Brett Kavanaugh, white women, Republicans, popularity, popular

Brett Kavanuagh is spectacularly unpopular with people of color.

Brett Kavanaugh, Rape, Justice, Sexual Predator, Supreme Court

“Boys will be boys,” they say.

In other words, “Men gotta rape. They can’t help it. It’s their nature.”

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