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Hold onto your birth control, ya’ll, and be ready to fight for your rights.


In a move designed to reward his base and punish low-income Americans, the Trump administration released Feb. 22 the final version of a rule that would strip Planned Parenthood of federal family planning funds.  

They want to live in a Christian theocracy where the word of God is interpreted by rich white men.

Why White Women Love Donald Trump

White women continued their decades long love affair with the  Republican Party last November.

Brett Kavanaugh, white women, Republicans, popularity, popular

Brett Kavanuagh is spectacularly unpopular with people of color.

Brett Kavanaugh, Rape, Justice, Sexual Predator, Supreme Court

“Boys will be boys,” they say.

In other words, “Men gotta rape. They can’t help it. It’s their nature.”

Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court, Rapist, Sexual Predator, Women, Rage

My sexual assault is not your free pass.

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