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3 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Mean Girls' Regina GeorgeRegina George isn’t that bad. If you’ve seen Mean Girls, the iconic 2004 chick flick about high school politics, that statement might shock you.

But hear me out. We can learn a lot from Regina. Don’t want the background? Just scroll to the bottom.

Cady Is a Sociopath

New girl Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) is a clueless wannabe desperate for friendship. When outcasts Janis Ian and Damian turn her into living revenge, no-moral-compass Cady eagerly plays along.

Spoiler alert: Janis and Regina used to be best friends. When Janis gets angry that Regina is always ditching her for her new boyfriend, Regina turns the middle school in crowd against her by claiming Janis is a lesbian.

It’s homophobic and unbelievably cruel. But how long should we punish someone for being mean in middle school? Due to narcissism, insecurity, and inexperience, kids can be real jerks.

Trust me, I know. I was bullied in middle school. A lot.

Teenage Girls Are Assholes

When we were in 8th grade, I befriended a new girl because I felt bad she was eating lunch alone. Then she turned my friends against me because I hurt her feelings.

I didn’t mean to. It was a thoughtless, insensitive comment, but I was too young and inexperienced to realize it.

For those who are wondering, I said I didn’t think the shirt she wanted to try on would fit. I was trying to be helpful, but she was a little bit overweight and understandably took my comment as an insult.

Unfortunately girls are socialized to be nice, so instead of discussing her feelings, pain turned to anger and everyone took her side against me.

Teenage girl politics is a real bitch. But like I said, who wasn’t an asshole as a teenager? I did the same thing a few years later when my new best friend pissed me off.

Regina George is a Badass

Regina George isn’t worse than the girls around her. She’s just more powerful.

How would you feel if your former best friend manipulated a new girl into systematically destroying your life?

I’d probably be traumatized and require years of therapy to learn how to trust again. Not Regina, because Cady was right.

Regina George is a badass. By now, she’s probably well on her way to becoming CEO.

Here Are The top 3 Lessons We Can Learn From Regina George:

1. Always be networking.

Remember when Regina George compliments a passerby on her skirt, then turns to her friends and says it’s the ugliest fucking thing she’s ever seen?

We’re meant to hate Regina for her fake compliments. But in the real world, handing out compliments to people you don’t really know is called networking.

It’s a great tactic for making business connections or potential dates. Everyone likes to be complimented. It makes you both feel good, and it’s a great conversation starter.

It’s always better to hand out a sincere compliment. But making someone feel better by lying about an ugly skirt really isn’t the worst.

2. Never give up.

Regina George never gives up.

Not when Cady tricks her into eating Kalteen, a Swedish nutrition bar meant for weight gain, and all the carbs.

Not when Cady purposely invites everyone but Regina to her party.

Not when Regina realizes that Cady turned all her friends against her.

Instead, Regina turns all the girls in school against each other by releasing copies of the burn book, then looks fierce at the Spring Fling dance—despite a broken neck.

The thing about the burn book? Don’t do that. But the way Regina never gives up is called resilience, and it’s a vital life skill.

3. Know Your Worth

Regina George took a new girl under her wing, and that girl systematically dismantled her entire life.

Most of us would get sad and doubt our self-worth. Instead, Regina got angry. Then she took her life back.

Sure, it’s easy to be confident when you’re rich and beautiful. But then again, a lot of beautiful people are cripplingly insecure.

If you want to love yourself more, here are 4 steps to overcome your critical inner voice, because we should all be a little more like Regina George. Just go easy on the revenge.

What do you think about Regina George? Let me know in the comments.

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