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Why White Women Love Donald Trump

Nearly two years into the Trump administration, it’s clear to all except the willfully blind what the modern Republican Party stands for: racism, misogyny, and xenophobia. 

Positioned at the intersection of privilege and oppression, Democrats had reason to believe white women, particularly those with college degrees, would be repulsed by the GOP’s naked hate.

It was disappointing but ultimately unsurprising when white women continued their decades long love affair with the  Republican Party on Nov. 6. One question remains. Why?

young men. declining labor force participation. unemployment.

What’s wrong with American men? It’s been a decade since the Great Recession and labor participation rates—people who are employed or actively seeking work—still hasn’t recovered among men under 55. 

A slew of media reports have attempted to explain the problem. These men are young. In their prime, we are told. And they’re getting left behind.

The media doesn’t have an answer. Either do economists. But one thing is clear: White male employment is the only number that matters.

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