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Whether you want to travel the world, climb the corporate ladder, or write your first novel, big dreams take courage.

Here’s how to boost your confidence and overcome your fears so you can live the life of your dreams, according to Katie C. Kelley,  author of Career Courage.

Relationship Red Flags

One time, a guy broke up with me while we were fooling around. If I have to say, “Hold on, let me get dressed,” so we can talk about why you’re leaving me, you’re a terrible person and you suck at breakups.

I knew he was a terrible idea. But new partners can feel literally irresistible.

Whether you’re ready for a new friend with benefits or a significant other, it’s a good idea to figure out who they are and what they want before you fall too hard. 

3 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Mean Girls' Regina George

Regina George isn’t that bad. If you’ve seen the iconic 2004 chick flick about high school politics, that statement might shock you.

But hear me out. We can learn a lot from Regina George.

testosterone, men, myth, aggression

Violence in men, we are told, is inevitable. Testosterone makes men bad—violent, aggressive, willing to take foolish risks for sex and other animalistic pleasures.

The narrative is repeated endlessly in newspapers and on TV. Perhaps it rings true because it fits so neatly with original sin, a Christian doctrine that says you are tainted by birth and only through constant struggle can attain a state of grace

There’s only one problem. Everything you know about testosterone is wrong.

Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court, Rapist, Sexual Predator, Women, Rage

When Anita Hill testified before an all-male Senate committee that Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her, she was treated like a joke by a hostile media and skeptical public.

In the wake of controversial allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, one thing is clear. Very little has changed.

It degrades all men to excuse Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual assault because “boys will be boys.” It degrades all women too. My sexual assault is not your free pass.

How to defend yourself against catcalls, inappropriate comments, sexual harassment

I’ve spent the last 20 years being honked at, hollered at, shouted at, followed, groped and grabbed by strangers and acquaintances.

I’m tired of it. Here are a few tips to take the power back.

5 steps to staying calm under pressure

Sometimes you’ve got to sell yourself. Whether you’re trying to land a new job or flirt with a hot guy, here are a few tips for staying cool under pressure.

How to defend your space bubble from rude men

It happens all the time. You’re at a party or a bar and some guy invades your personal space.

You don’t know him and you don’t like it, but instead of asking him to back the fuck up, you move as much as politeness allows or shrink yourself to avoid an unwanted touch.

Keep reading to find out how to defend your space bubble.

What makes a good sexual encounter, Sexual coercion, Azis Ansari, Louis C.K.

It can be difficult to know what makes a good sexual encounter, in the age of pickup artists who instruct men to push past no and box office hits that belittle women’s anger and normalize abuse.

Here are a few things you should look for in every hook-up.

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